• Becoming an Investor-Ready Entrepreneur Program

    The Investor Ready Entrepreneur was successful last year for its initial flight in Idaho.  Check back to find out dates for 2014.

    • Becoming an Investor Ready Entrepreneur (IRE) is a comprehensive program that educates and prepares growth-oriented entrepreneurs to successfully engage private equity investors.
    • Entrepreneurs will learn what it means to be investor-ready and what investors look for and expect from companies they fund so that barriers to funding can be reduced, the process can be navigated more easily, and chances of obtaining funding will increase.
    • Key concepts of IRE include learning about the equity funding food chain and assessing readiness throughout each step of the process of obtaining funding.
    • A panel of serial entrepreneurs and angel investors who have applicable experience will engage entrepreneurs in key issues and in dialogue based on topics and questions from registrants.
    • IRE was developed with direct input from experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors, angel networks/fund executives, and venture capitalists to provide an insider’s look into the world of equity funding.
    • Registration will be limited to no more than 25 entrepreneur participants who will be screened based on company and entrepreneurial status.